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WELCOME TO Nam Charity Tanzania

Are you willing and able to give of your time and talent to help kids who need safety, loving homes, or an encouraging word and smile? At Nam Charity Tanzania, we appreciate and love our volunteers – and we need more.

Within Nam Charity Tanzania, our teams work collectively to change the lives of children and families in need, in Tanzania and overseas. We are proud that our staff are made up of talented people from a great diversity of backgrounds and experiences; each and every one of us passionate and dedicated to go the extra mile.

Our Volunteering and Internship Projects


We improve the health of children and families so children no longer die of preventable illnesses and live past their fifth birthday.


We create greater access to quality education and ensure that girls and boys are able to learn in safe and positive environments.


We ensure children are safe at all times and prevent their exposure to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.


There are lots of ways that you can get creative or challenge yourself in support of our work to end female genital cutting (FGC). If you have an idea and want to get started, please email our


Counselling/listening volunteers can provide practical and emotional support to others who are enduring a difficult time or recovering from a traumatic experience.

Sports/Outdoor Activities

There are lots of fantastic opportunities to volunteer and supervise and/or coach participants in a host of sporting/outdoor activities.

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Your regular donation can help to make sure the world's most vulnerable children have access to clean drinking water, won't go hungry or miss out on life-saving medicines, Education, Protection

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